Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Gabe left for the next chapter of his life several weeks ago, and I've just now had an opportunity to update this blog. From what I hear, he is settling in to his new home and is riding well. I am so happy for him!

Here he is on the day he left...

Sunday, December 9, 2012


This post commences my blogging effort. I am starting things off by sharing the adventures of my friend, Gabe.

Gabe is a neat little fellow who came to me in October, 2012. He belongs to Days End Farm, a horse rescue in Woodbine, Maryland. To be honest, Mr. Gabe has a somewhat illustrious (if it can be called that) history, which, though irrelevant to my purpose here, makes his story all the more interesting. I will not waste time relaying the details of his initial transgressions in this post; instead, I have compiled the following videos and photographs to chronicle our progress.

First or second (?) ride in the south.


I think this was taken around three weeks in- his first trip to a sorting practice.
Halloween at Love Valley, NC- baptism by fire.. his first trail ride.

And finally, the most recent videos...

Note that the final two videos show him riding with his ears up- a huge concession for him.
I will continue to update this blog as photos and video of him become available.